Encryption-Plugin - News


2023-04-30 - v0.4.0

  • added ‘aarch64’ support for Arch Linux
  • moved clear mount point outside encrypted directory as it has side effects with sync tools
  • now opens mount points with file manager when ready

2022-09-11 - v0.3.0

  • fixed extension name encription -> encryption
  • contextual menu is now available for encrypted directory mount point (sub directory)
  • refactored code (more maintanable and easier to catch memory leaks)
  • trying new routine to detect mounted encripted directory

2022-08-22 - v0.2.0

  • enable GTK3 for password prompt
  • fixed Arch Linux PKGBUILD
  • fixed i18n initialisation

2022-08-17 - v0.1.0 (initial release)

  • encripts empty directory
  • mount / umount encrypted directory
  • i18n (fr, en)