Encryption-Plugin - Install


  • Prerequisites: GTK3, CryFS or EncFS (detected at runtime).
  • Recommended: Thunar
  • Source archives.

Build and install

This software is programmed in BASH and C language (password prompt GUI and Thunar extension) and uses the CMake build system.
From the project root directory, run: sh mkdir build cd build cmake .. [-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr] [-DCMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR=lib64] [-DENABLE_THUNARX=OFF] [-DENABLE_GTK4=ON] make sudo make install [DESTDIR=$(pwd)/pack]

If option -DENABLE_THUNARX is disabled, a desktop file matching inode/directory is installed instead.

To uninstall, run: sudo make uninstall

Linux distribution maintainers

Packages recipes are provided for Arch Linux (make archpack), Debian (make debpack) or Slackware (make slackpack).


To translate this software into your language, from the project po directory, run: sh msginit -l LANG Example: msginit -l de.

Then, edit LANG.po file, reconfigure (cmake) and reinstall.