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Thunar-Encryption-Plugin (aka GCryFolder) is a software that integrates the management of encrypted folders within file managers using a contextual menu and a GTK GUI for password input. It supports encrypted filesystems like CryFS and EncFS.

It includes a Thunar (XFCE) extension and a desktop file matching inode/directory to display a contextual menu in other file managers.

It is written in BASH and in C language for the GTK password prompt GUI and the Thunar extension.


Copyright Frank ENDRES - 2022-08-15 - <> (disabled; use <>).

This software is governed by the CeCILL license under French law, compatible with the GPL (General Public License).

My other projects

  • Live-System: unintrusive live DVD / USB / NFS build and install tool written for Arch, Debian / Ubuntu and Slackware64 Linux
  • SGSearch: Minimalist file search (name / content) utility, with Thunar extension
  • GReadyMedia: GTK frontend to setup a ReadyMedia (formerly MiniDLNA) UPnp service
  • WebMinifier: minimalist C command line utility to minify HTML & CSS files, without any dependency